How do you see the future unfolding? Which technologies and social events do you think will be the most disruptive? How will America and other nations cope with globalization and accelerating change? Will humans effectively co-evolve with their technology? What might culture look and feel like 10 years from now?

Striking the balance between entertainment and empirical futurism, Scenario Land is a forum that tackles the future head-on through a provocative blend of speculative fiction to hard-core trend-informed simulations. Whether your strength lies in narrative story-telling, essay writing, illustration, composite imaging, comics, video, machinima or elsewhere, Scenario Land is a place where you can engage both creative and critical thinkers as they paint their unique visions of tomorrow.

As a branch of the MemeBox Future Blogger network, Scenario Land content intermingles and co-evolves with the future memes generated in more focused blogs like The Energy Roadmap and Future of Gadgets (launching next week). This unique system allows Scenario Land to retain a unique voice while also including valuable niche perspectives from other focus areas.

So if you’ve got something to say or contribute about the future of humanity and our world, this is a great place to get it out in the open and see what others think about your vision of tomorrow.

We look forward to your visions!

To learn how best to contribute, shoot Editor Alvis Brigis (alvis@memebox.com) a quick email detailing your thoughts and/or questions.