Chronicles of Extreme Future Part 3: The ID Card

April 18 2008 / by Fictionthis / In association with Future
Category: Technology   Year: Beyond   Rating: 4 Hot

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National ID cards were introduced in 2011.

At first they were simply embedded in passports, containing personal ID data. Second Generation ID Data chips were designed to have uploading capabilities and contained even more data, including criminal and medical records. Third generation ID Chips had an option to be inserted under your skin and gave access into your ID data base in any government institution, which made forgetting or losing your license or social security details a thing of the past.

For military personnel it was compulsory to have it inserted. Unauthorized access to military installations was simply non-existent from that moment on. Generation Four chip nicknamed “Quattro Access” became an instant hit with the younger generation. It allowed access to personal finance as well as personal storage space to share music, files and photos. (cont.)

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Saturday Morning Cartoon: Paleo-Future of Transport by Disney

April 12 2008 / by Marisa Vitols / In association with Future
Category: Transportation   Year: General   Rating: 2 Hot

“Speed, safety and comfort will be the keynotes of tomorrow’s highways.”

The following Disney cartoon from 1958 explores the car, highway, and mass transit systems of tomorrow and their effects on urban development and everyday life.

Funny how despite the leaps and bounds predicted in the advancement of technology, none seem to have been predicted in terms of gender roles… but amusing nevertheless! :)

Teenager Gets Fried in Electro-suit

April 02 2008 / by Cronos / In association with Future
Category: Economics   Year: 2015   Rating: 9

This Future Fiction piece was cross-posted from the blog Future Feeds.

TechnoTraveller, the Tokyo company that was making furor on the stock markets for the last months has recalled all of its 12 million Electro-suits after a teenager was found dead in a Tokyo park. The unfortunate youngster’s solar electro-suit, while powering his laptop, cell phone, iZune and Thermo-sweater malfunctioned and directed all the sun-powered energy to the Thermo-sweater. Built-in feedback systems that should have prevented such an event did not work appropriately and the Thermo-sweater function will from now on be disabled in the product, a TechnoTraveller spokesperson declared in a company press bulletin.

The company’s hot selling item was the driving force behind TechnoTraveller’s dethroning of Google as Wall Street’s darling finding a need for cheap power on the road to fuel all electronic portable devices and warming people in cold climates by using high-efficient solar fuel cells weaved into a suit. TechnoTraveller stocks plummeted by more than 55%. The press bulletin further stated that although the recall will decrease profits and losing the Thermo-sweater feature will impact sales, there is no need for panic by shareholders and the future of solar clothing is still looking bright. The Tokyo coroner performing the autopsy is still trying to establish whether the cause of death was sixth-degree burns or electrocution.

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Saturday Morning Cartoon: Paleo-Future Montage

March 29 2008 / by memebox / In association with Future
Category: Other   Year: General   Rating: 2

Interesting compilation of paleo-futuristic art and animation, featuring the work of Walt Disney Studios, Syd mead, Klaus Bürgle and others. The recognizable music is George Bruns’ score for “Magic Highway USA”. Enjoy your Saturday morning cartoon!

Las Vegas 2030

March 22 2008 / by futuretalk / In association with Future
Category: Other   Year: Beyond   Rating: 11

By Dick Pelletier

The fictional Smith clan might well be the family of Las Vegas’ future. And in 22 years you too might cruise around in driverless cars, hop a scramjet to anywhere on earth in an hour, be pampered by a robot servant, communicate at times using only your thoughts, and live in an ageless, forever-healthy, and fit body.

Now, kick back, relax, and transcend yourself into the future. Enjoy this fun glimpse into the trials and tribulations of a typical “2030” family!
– –
Las Vegas Family of Five and Robot, 22 Years into the Future

- 5:30 A.M.

It is a beautiful winter morning in 2030. In this area of Las Vegas, just off Tropicana between Rainbow and Buffalo, about a third of the residents have already begun their day’s activities. Many of the remaining households have not yet begun to stir.

Among the homes on this street is a large one-story Spanish revival-style house, of the type that was frequently built in this area during the construction boom of the early 21st century. A streamlined cobalt-blue auto-drive car is parked in the driveway. The street is quiet.

- 6:00 A.M.

With barely a perceptible click, the Smith house turns itself on, as it has every morning since the family had it retrofitted with the Smart House System 10 years ago. Within seconds, warm air flows from the home’s breathing ducts while the water heater checks to make sure there’s plenty of hot water. In the kitchen, the newly-installed nanotech-replicator comes to life ready to create coffee, milk, organic fruit juices, and bio-friendly breakfast selections for each member of the family.

Walls in every room begin to dimly display, in soft tones, 3-D outdoor scenes with pleasant fresh air odors and appropriate sounds – seashores, country lakes, and snow-capped mountain peaks. These personalized wall displays add a psychological touch that the Smiths have grown to enjoy.


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Saturday Morning Future 'Toon: You Write the Caption

March 22 2008 / by memebox / In association with Future
Category: Other   Year: Beyond   Rating: 5

Yet another from the artistic mind of rzakis. What year might this one portray? And what planet? Are those translucent skyscrapers? Super-reactive OLED surfaces? Why are there no cars or people in view? Have they all left for a better place?

Big MemeBox props and a special certificate of recognition go to the caption that captures the essence of this futuristic cityskape.

Time's 2009 Person of the Year is Will Wright

March 21 2008 / by Alvis Brigis / In association with Future
Category: Metaverse   Year: 2009   Rating: 7

On December 26, 2009 Time Magazine announced superstar video-game designer Will Wright as its latest Person of the Year award recipient. Racking up multiple billions in sales for the recent releases of The Sims 3 (2009) and Spore (Sept. 2008) Wright conclusively asserted the dominance of massively multi-player online video games and, more importantly, ushered in the new era of Work/Play.

It’s almost impossible to walk into a school or a McDonald’s without immediately spotting some real-world manifestation of either Spore or The Sims. Custom trading cards, t-shirts, iPhone sleeves, iPhone flash games and hyper-viral 3D printouts featuring creatures generated in-game have become as pervasive as Pound Puppies at the peak of their craze eons ago. At the same time, this new marketing/merchandising phenomenon has also created a new class of millionaire creature, avatar and world designers with a median age of just sixteen years, thus irrevocably spreading the notion that pro-sumerism (consumers becoming micro-producers) and serious games as a potent economic force are for real. Thanks to Wright, no one on this planet will ever again look at the gaming the same way.


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