Promises, perils and hopes of living through the 21st century

April 17 2008 / by futuretalk / In association with Future
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By Dick Pelletier

Many forward-thinkers see a bright future ahead as we begin our 21st century trek. The following timeline takes a positive look at how the future could unfold:


2010-2019 – The biotech revolution picks up steam; cloning tissues and organs are routine healthcare procedures now and are covered by most insurance companies. Cancer, diabetes; most heart diseases now treatable; patient records include complete personal genomes available at around $100. Humanoid robots form 10% of world population. “Big-Brother” surveillance prevents crimes.

2020-2029 – Medical ‘nanobots’ maintain health 24/7, all diseases now treatable. Star Trek-like replicators provide food, clothing, and other essentials at little cost. Driverless ‘air-cars’ whisk us about. The space elevator slashed launch fees enabling cheap vacations at orbiting hotels. A third-world nation revealed capacity to wield nano-weapons, which prompted the U.S., EU, and China to join forces and create a world-wide defense against the threat.

2030-2049 – Visionaries saw it coming: “machines would one day out-think humans”. This revolution encouraged the merger of minds and bodies with non-biological creations built with ‘immortal’ parts and powered by supercomputer intelligence. Living in these new ‘indestructible’ bodies that can shape-shift into different forms on command and never suffer an unwanted death has given everyone an exhilarating sense of comfort, security, and well-being. (cont.)

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Extinction Timeline Through 2050

May 05 2008 / by Accel Rose / In association with Future
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Wondering when national currencies, intimacy, natural childbirth and Rocky films will go the way of the dodo? Here’s a fun timeline of extinction events for the 1950-2050 range by futurist and Future Trends Book author Richard Watson: