The Future of Social Media is Not All Open

June 03 2008 / by Alvis Brigis / In association with Future
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Notorious VC Fred Wilson has strong opinions about the future of social media.

“I believe that we are headed to a world in which everyone will share their lives with the rest of the world via the Internet. That is social media. It’s a huge movement and we are at the start of it,” he recently proclaimed on his blog.

Over the years I’ve heard many futurists express similar sentiments about the direction of our species, arguing that the benefits of ubiquitous life-streaming, transparency, and the sharing of all information are so powerful that they will trump people’s reluctance to open up their lives to the rest of the world. While I certainly agree that we are probably at the start of a whole open information movement and that pervasive sharing is a useful trend on which to base forward-looking extrapolations, I nevertheless find it highly unlikely that ALL people will choose to participate, especially over the next 20 years.

Considering that we co-exist in a complex environment in which different people with very different personalities, cultures and behaviors each compete for resources and control, betting on such a simple future seems to leave a great many other futures out of the mix. (cont.)

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The Future of Collaboration Begins with Visualizing Human Capital

November 10 2009 / by VenessaMiemis / In association with Future
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visualizing human capitalHow can the power and scope of social networks, combined with human capital metrics, be used to facilitate shared creation and innovation?

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What Is The Future of Media and Communication?

March 17 2008 / by Venessa Posavec / In association with Future
Category: Culture   Year: Beyond   Rating: 5

How is the digital revolution shaping the way we interact with media? Below is a cool concept video exploring how the internet has already changed the way we consume and share information. It then presents a timeline into the next 40 years, giving us a vision of how content may be consumed in the future.

Traditional information sources like books, newspapers, and even your own experiences may be fully replaced by new interfaces, like electronic paper, simulated reality through virtual worlds, and memory sharing among the masses.

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Is Twitter a Complex Adaptive System?

November 19 2009 / by VenessaMiemis / In association with Future
Category: Information   Year: 2009   Rating: 2

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I've seen a bunch of posts bubble up over the past few days that are really sparking my curiousity about what is really going on with Twitter, so I need to do a little brain dump. Bear with me.


Insight #1

An article by Rosabeth Moss Kanter was just published today on the Harvard Business Review website, titled On Twitter and in the Workplace, It's Power to the Connectors. In it, she highlights the fact that there is an organizational trend moving away from the hierarchical networks of the 20th century, and towards complex, distributed, non-hierarchical structures of business organization and leadership. She also points out that success today is based on a person's ability to leverage power and influence within their social networks, to act as "connectors" between people and information, and in turn build social capital. She leaves the evaluation of the significance of Twitter open-ended, but she lays out a few characteristics of Twitter that I found most interesting:

In the World According to Twitter, giving away access to information rewards the giver by building followers. The more followers, the more information comes to the giver to distribute, which in turn builds more followers. The process cannot be commanded or controlled; followers opt in and out as they choose. The results are transparent and purely quantitative; network size is all that matters. Networks of this sort are self-organizing and democratic but without any collective interaction.

(just keep those points in mind, I'm going to come back to it)

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Living for Eternity

April 28 2009 / by Eternity / In association with Future
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If a virtual world works, then you can live for eternity.  A new online memorial, EternalSpace, not only lets friends and family celebrate your life after death, but can be used while alive to send messages to people - friends, family and others - well into the future. It's social media feature let's you gather family and friends together virutally to share stories or view a pre-recorded greeting that can be preserved for eternity.


Following is a description of this service...while designed primarily for grieving loved ones, it's possiblities are interesting to imagine:eternal_No_Advertising.jpg


EternalSpace™ ( unveiled a completely new type of online memorials, an immersive, multidimensional experience, that allows family, friends, colleagues, and well-wishers to connect emotionally while  sharing and preserving the cherished memories of departed family members or friends - forever.  Personal memorials at are peaceful, serene online environments for sharing thoughts or uploading photos and videos that celebrate a life for the days, months and years to come.  EternalSpace memorials can be started or added to any time and passed to future generations who can learn about their heritage and experience first-hand accounts of their ancestors. 


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