Earth 12000: Exploring space, time, and parallel universes

July 03 2008 / by futuretalk / In association with Future
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A glance at what life may be like ten millennia from now, by Dick Pelletier

Of course, nobody can predict exactly how the future will unfold in 10,000 years, but by tracking technology advances expected in the coming centuries, we see changes that will transform humanity into super-intelligent beings focused on developing space, exploring universes, and traveling through time.

Imagine if you could peek in on the dinosaurs’ first-hand, enjoy an exotic vacation thousands of light years from Earth, or jump into a parallel universe where another you is living a far more exciting life than yours – and you could stay there if you like.

For years, scientists around the world have bandied about the revolutionary idea that future humans could zip across the universe using wormholes as high-speed portals enabling faster-than-light travel to explore space, enter other universes, and witness the past and future.

Wormholes enable travel between its two openings. One end of the wormhole stays home while the other is carted away at sub-light velocities to the destination, connecting the two locations through a tunnel in warped space-time. A person enters the wormhole, and depending on the connection, exits to a remote destination in space, another time in the past or future, or into a parallel universe.

Consensus among most scientists has been that wormholes are so destructive; people would be torn to subatomic bits if they tried such a thing. However, a new paper by University of Utah physicist Lior Burko now raises the possibility that wormholes may not annihilate all matter, and the potential for hyperspace travel could one day be realized. (cont.)

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Earth 2300 - 'body-free' life, space colonies, time travel

July 13 2008 / by futuretalk / In association with Future
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By Dick Pelletier

What will life be like 300 years from now? No one really knows for sure; in fact most projections beyond 2050 are little more than guesses. However, by multi-tracking today’s science and technology advances, and mixing reality with a dash of imagination, we can create a plausible scenario of how the future could unfold.

Experts say available information doubles every decade. Thus, in 300 years, 30 decades from now, information will expand nearly 300 million times. This increase promises to bring about a world with awesome possibilities.

By 2300, humans are in complete command of their destiny. In early 2000s, biotech and nanotech advances eliminated disease and aging, which paved the way for human-machine merge. By mid-century, most people sported maintenance-free non-biological bodies with mind/memory systems that prevent unwanted death and disease.

During “the golden age of intelligence”, 2050-2100, the Internet morphed into a wireless “global brain” feeding information to enhanced minds, raising intelligence levels, and ending all human desires for wars and conquest. Fully immersive virtual reality enabled people to interact through simulations indiscernible from reality.

Projecting our “digital self” became easier and more effective than meeting physically. One could go anywhere instantly; even be in more than one place at a time. “Digital life”, with activities directed by our neurons that are stored in a safe haven, soon became the preferred method of existence. (cont.)

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