The Future of Geography - De-borderization

May 30 2008 / by Jeff Hilford / In association with Future
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In the past, boundaries have been a function of geography. Bodies of water (rivers in particular) seem to be the most common dividers of territories, This made sense in a time when these obstacles were difficult to traverse. Cultures and cities formed around these dividers. Natural boundaries in combination with the xenophobic nature of humans (and animals in general) have played a prominent role in the territorial development of the planet. We fear what we do not know.

Over the years, improvements in transportation, navigation and information communication technologies have served to temper this innate distrust. As our natural inclination to explore, map and quantify the planet brought the peoples of the world into contact with one another, we were incented to collaborate across cultures by the desire to exchange natural resources as well as the inevitable knowledge transfers that were a byproduct of interaction. Today, though natural resource exchange is at an all-time high, it is the transfer and creation of knowledge that is exploding across cultures, bringing people from far-reaches of the planet together and chipping away at the meaning of nationality. (cont.)

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[Video] Kevin Kelly on Semantic Web, Cloud Computing and Social Web

November 10 2008 / by Garry Golden / In association with Future
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Kevin Kelly (of Whole Earth Catalog and Wired fame) spoke at the recent O’Reilly Web 2.0 Summit November 5-7, 2008. His brief talk explores the evolution of today’s web towards more semantic capabilities of linking smart data (rather than websites and documents), infrastructure based on cloud computing (moving from machines to databases) and more transparent social web experiences (expand functional benefits from sharing).

What is our future augmented relationship to the web? ‘Extreme Dependence’ and ‘Extended Self

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[Video] Microsoft's Office 2019: Future of Human Technology Interfaces

March 02 2009 / by Garry Golden / In association with Future
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Microsoft's vision of next generation of human technology interfaces:

Future Vision Montage

Future Vision Montage


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