BMW's Vision of the Future Car

June 13 2008 / by juldrich / In association with Future
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By Jack Uldrich

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The German automaker BMW, in introducing its new “Light Visionary Model” prototype – which it dubs GINA (Geometry and Functions “N” Adaptions”) – writes this: “The key to affecting the development of tomorrow’s mobility lies in our readiness to challenge what is established and in the ability to present new options.”

I encourage you to watch the short video below. Notice how the doors and hoods no longer open – they fold and zip open – and how the lights do open but they “blink” open (much like the human eye), and I think you’ll agree that BMW’s innovative thinking could be providing us a glimpse into the future of what automobiles might look and feel like.

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  1. Great video. Really demonstrates what is possible when you fundamentally change the way you approach design. The biomimicry trend is at play here again in looking at the exterior of an automobile as skin. Rapid advances in material sciences will drive creativity in product design big time in the years ahead.

    Posted by: Jeff Hilford   June 13, 2008
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