Google Earth Adds News, Baby-Steps Forward

May 21 2008 / by Alvis Brigis / In association with Future
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Google Earth took another baby-step into the future yesterday with the integration of geographically pertinent news feeds.

“By spatially locating the Google News’ constantly updating index of stories from more than 4,500 news sources, Google Earth now shows an ever-changing world of human activity as chronicled by reporters worldwide,” wrote product manager Brandon Badger .

I took the new layer function for a spin and found it to be rudimentary and moderately useful. But it’s clear the service will gradually become more valuable as Google adds more geographically tagged stories/feeds, filtering options and sub-layers that I can toggle on or off at will.

Ultimately it seems likely that the new feature will work hand-in-hand with search, possibly even showing up on Google’s main results pages alongside maps, pictures and video which were added earlier this year.

My main take-aways: Google’s inexorable march toward an information-dense and variably sortable Earth platform continues. As the company continues to systematically add physical and information “resolution” to its Earth application, I expect it will evolve into a resource that I and billions of others use on a daily basis and become one of Google’s top money makers.

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  1. Very cool. I hope they implement a crowdsourced view that filters the news by most popular/interesting/important, etc. so that your eye knows where to go as per what you want to read. If it turns into anything as comprehensive as google news (which is obv just a matter of time), it’ll be quite an awesome app.

    Posted by: Marisa Vitols   May 21, 2008
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