Chronicles of Extreme Future Part 3: The ID Card

April 18 2008 / by Fictionthis / In association with Future
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National ID cards were introduced in 2011.

At first they were simply embedded in passports, containing personal ID data. Second Generation ID Data chips were designed to have uploading capabilities and contained even more data, including criminal and medical records. Third generation ID Chips had an option to be inserted under your skin and gave access into your ID data base in any government institution, which made forgetting or losing your license or social security details a thing of the past.

For military personnel it was compulsory to have it inserted. Unauthorized access to military installations was simply non-existent from that moment on. Generation Four chip nicknamed “Quattro Access” became an instant hit with the younger generation. It allowed access to personal finance as well as personal storage space to share music, files and photos. (cont.)

Not long afterwards, Quattro Deluxe was released, with mobile phone connection ability and GPS. Subsidized by the government, it was an easy sell. In 2030 “CIMS” (Central Intelligence Management System) was launched. Accessed via voice recognition, the CIMS carried terabytes of memory and personal data. Equipped with mobile, GPS and wireless WI-FI, CIMS helped us keep in touch, never missed an appointment or meeting. CIMS was capable of delivering any information, movie or meeting on screen within your sunglasses. CIMS has also contributed to a new terrorist movement – Anti-CIMS, who nicknamed the device sheep-herder.

I think they may have been right, but it is too late now, The late Anti-CIMS founder Bob Brown.

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