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April 03 2008 / by learner / In association with Future
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Jan 2020 – Today Steve Jobs announced the spinout of a new company, MYEYES, a most unusual announcement at his annual keynote. Mr. Jobs took this very unusual step due to his belief that the new software programming approach represented by MYEYES technology will revolutionize the treatment of many sensory impairments. MYEYES will release its first product on 1 July 2020 after it completes a fast track certification process with the US Government’s Health and Biotech Laboratory.

Some history will help you understand the magnitude of this announcement.

Historically most sensory impairments such as failing eye sight or hearing lose has been treated in one of two ways. Mechanical augmentation, both external(eye glasses, hearing aids etc) or internal(surgical repair or implants) and biologically with pharmaceuticals and recently dna driven repairs. MYEYES represents a third approach that has been in the works for the last 20 years, reprogramming the brain to modify signal inputs received from sensory organs by the brain.


Back in 1990, NASA launched the Hubble Space Telescope. Once on station, it was determined that the large and expensive mirror of the telescope had been ground incorrectly and the images were blurred. Replacing the huge mirror was impossible so a software solution was developed, the images were digitized and then processed to correct for the errors in the mirror. MYEYES technology does the same thing for your eyes, it reprograms your brain’s optical processing region to compensate for errors of lens deterioration in your eye. A normal eye exam determines the lens refractory errors and then a software program develops correcting algorithms. Simply put on the headset which incorporates a heads up display and multiple electrodes and push a button and the MYEYES reprograms your brain to correct the signal errors provided by the optical nerves. The process takes about an hour first to calibrate your brain optical processing region and then to retrain it with the new algorithms. Once the training is completed, remove the headset and you are seeing 20/20 again.

So now you have three approaches to fixing your eye sight, hardware, wetware and software. As always, the nice thing about software fixes are that they can be easily modified as your lens continue to change. And maybe even give you additional options like focusing and magnifying with just a thought to your brain. Perhaps that is version 2.0. Steve Jobs as always wasn’t talking about the next version.

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  1. Hubble problem was NOT fixed using software solution. It was fixed by installing optical components to correct the spherical aberration (“spectacles” if you wish).

    Posted by: johnfrink   April 04, 2008
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  2. I stand corrected. It must be that by 2020 my brain was experiencing Alzeimer’s(haven’t fixed that yet) Besides it makes a better story;-)

    Posted by: learner   April 05, 2008
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