Earth 2100 Game Imagines "Perfect Storm" Catastrophe Scenario

December 31 2008 / by Adam Cutsinger
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I wouldn't have predicted ABC News going all bleak futurist, but they did.  Earth 2100 is a massive online roleplaying game that starts out with global turmoil and devastation.  And they're going prime time with it.Earth2100

The project is pretty ambitious, but considering the recent popularity of games like Superstruct and Second Life, there should be no doubt that participation will be high.  To participate you need to record a short fictional video depicting something in 2015, then, based on those submissions, the ABC News people will design a scenario for 2050, then 2070 and finally 2100.

The creators of the game will invent catastrophic scenarios, combining multiple crises to create a "perfect storm" of problems that could spell dire consequences for humanity.  A primetime apocalypse piece featuring the top chosen videos sent in from around the globe.

The more coherent and creative your vid, the more likely your mom is going to see you on the 5 o'clock news.

How interesting do you find the ABC News' Earth 2100 project?

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