Make Your Bike Bright As Hell With Reflective Vinyl Tape

December 19 2008 / by John Heylin / In association with Future
Category: Gadgets   Year: 2008   Rating: 2


You see it on cop cars and emergency vehicles — reflective tape so bright you wonder how they got it on nonetheless have it stay clean.  Finally a couple guys figured that if can work for emergency vehicles, it can work for bicycles.  The result?  Bikes coated in reflective vinyl tape which can be seen at night when put in the headlights.

They bought the engineering grade reflective tape from Beacon Graphics and began coating their bikes with the stuff.  After successful tests they even had a workshop where people brought their bikes in to get them plastered with the stuff.  The idea is to increase the visibility of the bike at night when it's most dangerous to ride around town.  The great thing about it is you don't have to reflector your bike up like a little schoolgirl, instead you can cover it in black tape.

Check out some sweet videos and the rest of the story at Bright Bike.

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