Could Johnson Controls be the greenest company of the future?

November 21 2008 / by Garry Golden / In association with Future
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Johnson Controls is quietly becoming one of the most relevant companies in the new energy world. And while it is often off the radar of most cleantech and eco-enthusiasts it might have the best set of tools and systems to accelerate our shift into a new energy economy based on software, sensors and micro-controllers. And it is possible that by mid century Johnson Controls could be behind some of the most measurable advances in energy efficiencies on the planet.

Reinventing itself for the 21st Century
Johnson Controls is one of those companies that touches our lives every time we drive our cars or step into a building. Yet it remains an obscure industrial brand to most consumers.

But make no mistake about it, Johnson Controls is massive and by most accounts it sees the future quite clearly. Its 140,000 employees stretch across 1,300 locations with clients in 125 countries. It has been around since 1885 and understands the need to change and reinvent itself as the world transforms its major industries.

Today, Johnson Controls touches almost every aspect of mechanical life with its systems used inside vehicles, buildings and industrial appliances. And, without sounding too much like a love fest or a stock endorsement, this is a company that could change the world dramatically in years ahead around electric vehicles, smart infrastructure and building systems.

Electrification of the World’s Vehicle Fleet

Johnson Controls is already a leading solutions provider for battery and electronic systems used in hybrid and electric vehicles. As the entire global fleet moves beyond the combustion engine towards batteries, fuel cells and capacitors the auto industry is going to depend on companies like JC. The company is already a trusted source in hybrid vehicles, and is quietly positioning itself in Asia next to emerging energy storage systems makers.

Smart Infrastructure
Beyond automobiles, Johnson Controls’ largest opportunity might be related to the coming age of ‘smart infrastructure’ shaped by low cost sensors and software that will soon be embedded in systems used for energy, water, information, and the transportation of people and goods.

Building Management Systems
Another big prize for Johnson Controls might be in helping to re-engineer entire building power systems to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Project My Green Print: Consumer Home Systems?
There are opportunities for Johnson Controls to grow as a trusted brand for home appliance and energy management systems. JC has partnered with the National Resources Defense Council to create The site walks users through their home energy systems identifying areas that they can improve their efficiency and energy usage.

Note: We have written about Johnson Controls and its automobile systems-, but this post was inspired by a story by Leslie Guevarra from on JC’s MyGreenFootprint project

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  1. Yes, it is a trusted brand and in most of the places we get to see Johnson Controls products. It takes lot of effort to reach that mark and they have done it with good vision. I have seen them even in some movies. When I was watching a movie using my android on the updates on moviehd apk app, I saw Johnson Controls in a home or background. I request them to keep their outcomes as Eco-friendly as they are following it right now. Many small and big companies can learn from them. The reputation the company has got with its products is outstanding and inspiring. These kind of stories are always welcome. Thank you.

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