Intel CTO Justin Rattner: Intel is Repsonsible for the Trench Warfare Driving the Singularity

October 25 2008 / by Alvis Brigis
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Intel CTO Justin Rattner acknowledges that “the Singularity is a nice organizing principle” and that Intel will be critical to any future scenario in which runaway technology enables massive intelligence. He says Intel is “responsible for the trench warfare that drives these technologies.”

The preceding video was captured at SS08 shortly after Justin’s presentation.

Rattner argues that other Moore’s Law enabled advances in other fields such as Silicon Photonics, Digitial Multi-Radio, Silicon Bio-sensors and Programmable Matter will be instrumental in a possible Singularity.

But could exponentially advancing technologies hit a wall?

“We did hit a wall,” says Rattner, “We reached the point where we could not thin the gate material any more. So, in essence, Silicon Gate CMOS ended last year.”

But engineers were able to develop a work-around: metal gate technology, and they’re also planning subsequent generations that will enable computer speeds to continue their astronomical growth.

This prompts the Rattner’s next question, “How do you define Moore’s Law?”

Indeed. Is Moore’s Law still relevant, or is a broader law of accelerating computation in effect.

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