Nova Spivack: We Are Evolving Collective Intelligence Through the Web (SS08 Take-Aways)

October 25 2008 / by Alvis Brigis
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Nova Spivack, CEO of Radar Networks and creator of Twine, has recently written about the notion of a Global Body that compliments the Global Brain.

This morning at the Singularity Summit, he posed the question, “Will the Global Brain have its own mind?”

Here are some of my take-aways from his excellent presentation (memebox interview forthcoming):

“Are we actually space-time machines?”

“Intelligence will spread throughout the universe. ... The cosmos is an intelligence spreading machine.”

“The distinction between actual and virtual will just go away. ... It won’t be Second Life anymore, it will just be First Life.”

“We don’t really know how the body and mind will change.”

Buys Vinge’s assertion of “Superhuman intelligence in 30 years.”

Four scenarios through which super-human intelligence can occur:

- computers themselves become awake
- large computer networks wake up (Skynet)
- interfaces become so connected that effectively each individual awakens
- human intellect is enhanced by biological and other means

So, how to give a group a sense of itself, bring self-consciousness to a group?

“Why couldn’t a larger network have consciousness of itself?”

There are different levels of collective intelligence. Spivack explains there is a hierarchy of collective intelligence. Crowds. Groups. Meta-selves.

How do we become meta-selves?

“The buddhist view is that the self is a construct. ... The fact that it is a construct is that we can make these things with machines.”

Different approaches to collective intelligence – top-down and bottom-up.

Intelligence must input, organize, reflect on information. Must be able to orchestrate their output.

Can we create a sentient being?

Consciousness: “Either it’s an illusion, or it’s not an illusion.”

“The web is going to wake up. It is already awake because we are awake and we are a part of it.”

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