Geo-Spatially Mapped Life-Lines Will Soon Amplify Our Memories

October 21 2008 / by Alvis Brigis
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A few years into the future when someone says, “I think I’ll use my lifeline,” they will no longer be referring to Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, but instead their geo-spatially coordinated content history.

According to John Schneider, CTO of clever geo-web annotator, we’re about to experience a powerful convergence of mirror worlds and life-logging that will enable all sorts of interesting applications including community feedback mechanisms and amplified memory.

“You’ve been to something like an antique shop last month with your wife, and you just can’t for the life of you remember where this place was or what the name of it was,” lays out Schneider, “But because you’ve life-logged you can get on your account, you can take the time slider and move it back in time to the place you were. ... Now you project that lifeline on something like Google maps, bring up the Street View, look around and there it is – there is the place you’ve been looking for.”

I totally buy that scenario. Do you?

For more interesting future videos be sure to check out the MemeBox YouTube Channel

Will the juxtaposition of personal data atop geo-spatial simulations fundamentally augment our memory?

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Comment Thread (2 Responses)

  1. What I want to know is if you can use this data in a court of law. For instance, let’s say it shows you at the scene of the crime at the correct time. Can you use that? If so, then why not tag it to a friend for a few hours, commit the crime, and then show you were nowhere nearby.

    Posted by: John Heylin   October 22, 2008
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  2. This is another example of something I both kind of want and am afraid of. I am afraid that life logging down to the micro behavior will lead to micro scrutiny by employers, perhaps by the government…

    Posted by: Mielle Sullivan   October 24, 2008
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