Google Penalizing Advertisers w/ Slow Pages, Web Gets Faster

March 08 2008 / by Alvis Brigis / In association with Future
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Google just announced that advertisers with slow landing pages (the page their ad is linked to) will be penalized and see a drop in their Quality Score . This will force hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of advertisers to increase their load time by either decreasing graphics or moving to a better server.

According to the company, the primary reason for this is that “users have the best experience when they don’t have to wait a long time for landing pages to load.”

This makes a great deal of sense and I, for one, will be happy to experience a smoother web browsing experience.

But what I find really interesting about the new landing page penalty is that it supports the ongoing evolutionary trend of compressing time-to-information. As the big web companies continue to battle for our attention, they will do whatever it takes to better the experience for the user and keep those eyeballs. The result is an increasingly faster web and quicker or “greased” human-info network.

This web acceleration, in turn, accelerates everything else. As the time it takes to reach information decreases, humans are freed up to do more/better research, to allocate their saved time to other processes, or to just kick back and relax for the extra few minutes per day that this saves them.

Taking another step back, we can see that rewarding distributed acceleration will be key to sustaining the exponential info and tech curves that run through our business and social systems. So if we’re truly in or approaching the knee of the curve, we should expect to see a steady increase in incentivized acceleration. After all, the mathematicians running Google have got to be accel-aware, no?

Is Google hip to accelerating change?

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