Alone Perhaps, But Never Lonely

October 17 2008 / by Will
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ScenarioLand Ventures, a subsidiary of FB/MEMEBOX Ent, are pleased to announce the formation of a joint undertaking with the WillWay Pty line of Virtual Agents. The WillWay Avatars (an early description of this concept was provided to FBNET readers by regular FB contributor Richard Pelletier) have all been certified as having passed the Turing Test, so humans in solitary circumstance will be able to arrange continuous company with electronic companions. These virtual agents are programmed to engage their host in intellectually stimulating fashion in the areas of interest determined by each customer.

Additionally, WillWay Avatars are programmed with a complex of precautionary response triggering thresholds that, when measured in toto, provide a reliable and secure monitor of the contracted individual’s immediate health or other condition (the pre-AI structure upon which this system is designed was first brought to FBNET users attention by FBNET Editor Alvis Brigis).

If a pre-determined number of threshold limits are achieved (as determined by our AI’s propietary programming protocols), the system will spontaneously generate an attention signal and alert message to the appropriate human agency or individual, selected as appropriate from a list consisting of relatives and friends right up to the local medical emergency response unit.

It is anticipated that a succeeding line of Avatars are to be developed for young children. Adults who wish added security while they participate in adventure sports or more pervasive therapy guidance are also a planned market audience.

The WillWay Pty spokesfigure declined to provide a date for product availability, citing as-yet unanswered short-term production questions.


Comment Thread (3 Responses)

  1. LOL – Gotta love our Avatarian symbionts!

    Posted by: Alvis Brigis   October 17, 2008
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  2. Move over RSS, here comes AI!

    You guys may want to think about applying this technology to something bigger than just a website. Say, national defense, scientific breakthroughs, the web at large, psychological counseling. :)

    Posted by: FutureFly   October 17, 2008
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  3. Thank you both.

    @ Alvis: I gather this is an acceptable example of riffing off each other’s SL submissions. :)

    Great image selection, btw; not at all what I visualised writing the thing, but conveys the emotional context very well. Good job.

    Posted by: Will   October 17, 2008
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