2013: The Year of Ongoing Social Unrest or Strong Tech-Centric Recovery?

October 15 2008 / by Alvis Brigis
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Half Empty, Half Full contrasts extreme positive and negative future scenarios. To create and submit your own Half Empty, Half Full simply follow this link, download the template by clicking on the thumbnail, open it in an image editor such as GIMP (free), then go to town creating totally original Yin & Yang futures.

Template Image for Download:

With this Half Empty, Half Full template, you can get creative and generate contrasting future scenarios such as Singularity vs. Apocalypse, Automation Heaven vs. Iron-Fisted Robotic Rule, Global Brain vs. No Private Thoughts, Brain Control Interface vs. New Neuronal Disorders, and so forth. We look forward to seeing what extreme future memes you’ve got bouncing around in your head!

Molotov Cocktail image courtesy of Silkepolse, GNU Free Documentation LicenseEnergy Shake image by Cronfeld, CC 2.0.

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