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Orgasm please computer.

July 08 2008 / by Virulent / In association with Future
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An oldie but a goodie.

Brain-pacemakers are being used to treat patients suffering from severe depression and the potentials of the technology are being expanded on. What happens when brain stimulation is safe and not only reserved to people suffering from disorders?

“Brain pacemakers” are used to treat people who suffer from epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, clinical depression and other diseases. The pacemaker is a medical device that is implanted into the brain to send electrical signals into the tissue.

For those of you who don’t know what they are the paragraph above is the first sentence from the wikipedia article and as you can see the treatment the technology provides is quite vast and immediate.

Lets look down the winding road a little bit and consider what a world it would be like if these pacemakers become easy to implant and remove self maintaining and powering. A nanobot for stimulation?! what scientist would dare consider such a thing.

Well i found an article a while back in wired which had this to claim:

Implant Achieves Female Orgasm

One woman undergoing treatment for back pain may have discovered a cure for the thousands of woman frustrated by the inability to achieve orgasm. While Dr. Stuart Meloy was putting an electrode into the woman’s spine in an attempt to ease her chronic pain, he not only reduced her back pain, but gave her an unexpected – but delightful – side-effect. (cont.)

“She said, ‘You’re going to have to teach my husband how to do that’,” Meloy, an anesthesiologist and pain specialist in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, said. The discovery is published in Wednesday’s issue of New Scientist.

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Unification across space-time dimensions.

February 29 2008 / by Virulent / In association with Future
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As the lines between human and biological entities blur, and sophisticated mind communication networks are formed, what could be the potential impacts on society?

Imagine a world some point during the middle of the 21st century where virtual communities and direct mind to mind communication is possible at ever increasing speeds, Where human-machine entities can share information they choose at near the speed of light from any positions on the globe, imagine being able to understand almost as if it were your own cognitive processes how to read and write Japanese as someone from japan, or understand medicine or physics like a PhD graduate.

Difficult to imagine? Perhaps sounding a bit like the Borg from star-trek? well resistance is futile because the explosive nature of Nanotechnology, biotechnology, artificial intelligence and most importantly information transfer all point towards a future much more vast and incomprehensible than this.

Since the dawn of single celled organisms life has grown to complex networks of single cells to organisms to human cognition itself and each explosion is not only an explosion in the capability to manipulate and adapt to the environment, its also an explosion in consciousness itself. And best of all it functions on very simple evolutionary principles that hold to this day (albeit in a slightly more complex batch of interactions).

To imagine what i mean think of a petri dish called earth and place inside that petri dish one single celled organism, provide it with a suitable environment and watch it divide exponentially till copies of itself cover the whole petri dish. Well then what? (cont.)

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